A kitchen in one square meter

Presented by Due Enne Arredamenti s.r.l. at the 7th edition of the international luxury exhibition in Vicenza (from 6th to 8th – 13th to 15th March 2009) the Totem has created an extraordinary interest among the visitors for its innovative project signed by Arkimode Studio (Cattolica ITALY); a perfect synergy of emotional design, function and technology, the totem is an island-kitchen, one piece made that can properly function in only its square meter space, 2,40 meter high. It has in fact all the necessary, even more than this: a sink, a glass ceramic cooler, a hood, a mini-refrigerator of 40lt, a dishwasher, a micro-wave oven, a wine cellar, a cutlery drawer, a storage cabinet for glasses, kitchen ware and at the end a “Creston” touch screen that allow the domotic control of the house (light on, heating, security cameras, internet, tv…).




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